Alla inlägg den 10 december 2010

Av Tina Karlsson - 10 december 2010 18:31

Finally!! He arrives tonight!! How I and my family have been waiting for this moment. Unfortunately they were delayed from Norway so he will arrive in the middle of the night. They phoned me from the office to ask if it was OK to deliver him so late. The other option was to deliver him on Sunday morning. But I answered that I wanted him delivered tonight. 

I also, finally, succeeded in finding a rug with a belly warmer. My darling mother bought it for Dinio as a Christmas present in advance. So during this late afternoon we drove to the store and bought it and then we drove up to the stable for the final preparations. Hay was already in place so my mother and I cleand up the water buckets, filled them up with fresh water and also prepared his night snack.

May the last travel from Strömstad to Stockholm go well.

(I have prepared a small gift for the drivers, Julmust, traditional christmas soda, an Alladin choclate box, and home baked christmas bread. I hope they will enjoy it). 

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