Alla inlägg den 14 december 2010

Av Tina Karlsson - 14 december 2010 21:48

Today was the first time Dinio should start to use the paddock. This is the place he shall be staying during the morning hours between 08.00 hrs to 11.00 hrs. At nine o'clock I took him there for his first time. All the other horses were already outside so there was a lot to take in for him. But of course, if your name is Dinio you know how to behave. When I left him loose he first stood still and just enjoyed the moment. Then he started to ..... yeah, I think you know. He laid down, rolled over several times, stood up and trotted in passage around and around, yes - he really enjoyed his time there. I stod for about 20 minutes to watch him and thereafter I joined my new friends in the stable for a coffee. From there I could watch him all the time. The paddock is situated in a high place so he can see all the other horses in there paddocks and I must say he had full coverage. Today it was really nice weather, not so cold and a lot of sunshine.

At eleven o'clock I took him back to the stable and served him his luncheon. He was totally pleased so I went home to eat something myself.

At 15.00 hrs I returned to check on him and to give him a soft ride. He was really pleased to see me and I started to give him a thorough brush. Thereafter we went to the indoor arena and today we joined 3 other horses there. When I was mounted and started to walk him I immediately felt that he was really tired. No idea to continue this! After about 5 minutes I decided to stop and we went back to the stable. A little bit surpriced that two hours in the paddock had draind him so much of energy but fully understandable after a 12-day journey, new owner, new surroundings and so on.

My darling Dinio! Hope you will feel strong and refreshed tomorrow.

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