Alla inlägg den 15 december 2010

Av Tina Karlsson - 15 december 2010 20:16

Today Dinio spent 4 hrs in the paddock, between 7 and 11 o'clock. At 11.20 I arrived to the stable and today it was also the first time for the staff to bring him out and to bring in him. I asked how he have behaved and they said - excellent - no problem at all. They also said that he had relaxed a lot today in the paddock, he had really enjoyed his hours there. I am very proud over my darling Dinio. Today I also introduced Fibergii Low to him. He got 0,5 kg together with his luncheon. He really enjoyed it. I will continue to give him 0.5 kg per day for at least 1 week and thereafter try to increase it slowly.

He now gets 2 kg hay in the morning, 2 kg hay for luncheon and 4 kg hay in the evening. In addition he gets probimin and vitamin B due to the food change and for the process of getting a winter fur.

In the afternoon the vet came. It was time for his completing vaccinations. No problems at all - as usual Dinio behaved excellently. We talked about his teeth but the vet said it would be better to wait until the next time he returns - 4th of januari.

No riding today cause he spent 4 hrs in the paddock and due to vaccination. Tomorrow I will return to work, my vacation is over, and if he hasn't got a temp, I will give him an easy ride in the evening. As I understand there will be a trainer in the indoor arena tomorrow night, giving lessons, and he owns and competes PRE's.

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