Alla inlägg den 16 december 2010

Av Tina Karlsson - 16 december 2010 21:45

Today I returned to work after the 3-day vacation. A little bit nervous for Dinio but everything was totally OK with him. I arrived to the stable around 17.00 and started to check wether he got a fever or not, due to his vaccinations yesterday. He had 38.1 so I decided not to ride him this evening. I, myself, had also cought a cold.

In stead I gave him a good massage. He really enjoyed it. I also tried to stretch him a little bit, just for him to get used to it. The back was nice to stretch, he said, but the front legs... No, no, he told me directly that it was really scary. So this is something we have to work on. I gave him a good brush and a lot of cuddle, of course. No pulse in the legs, (I introduced Fibergii Low yesterday), so perhaps I can increase it during next week. Better to take it slow.

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