Alla inlägg den 19 december 2010

Av Tina Karlsson - 19 december 2010 17:04

Today I asked Sandra, who works in the stable several days during the week, how Dinio had behaved with her. "He is the most wellbehaved horse on the farm", she said. Very proud to hear this of course. My darling Dinio. Today I arrived at 10.30 and started directly to clean the stable. At 11.00 I went to the paddock and took Dinio back to the stable. He greated me with a BIG "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? IT'S COULD TODAY AND IT'S BLOWING AND I AM A LITTLE BIT FROZEN AND I AM HUNGRY!!

Yes, today it was -8 degrees, very windy and at a lot of snowing. Not nice at all. I served him his 3 kg of hay and 0,5 kg fibergii. Very nice indeed, said Dinio. I sat for about 20 minutes with him and then I went to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. Sat and talked with my new friends for about 45 minutes and then returned to Dinio, who nearly had finished his luncheon. The plan for today was to ride him in the nature but the weather was not on our side today either. We cuddled for a while and then I brushed him and gave him some massage. When I started to attend his hoofs I saw that a horse shoe nail was loose. So I had to remove it. Secured the other shoe nails and told myself that I have to call the ferrier tomorrow. After that I laid on the fleece rug with the neck and on top of that the thicker rug with the belly warmer. He must be kept warm and I think it will be quiet cold tonight. He looked very pleased and I decided not to ride him today. It was better for him to stay inside and to get a resting day today. At 14.30 I left the stable and went home.

Oh yes, I nearly forgot - today I made an agreement with Katarina Liljedahl, the owner of Carnioso, that on Christmas Day, she and I should take a ride together out in the nature. Picture that - 2 P.R.Es walking together in a fantastic winterland, one brown (Carnioso) and one silvercoulord (Dinio) and booth of them coming from the same stable in Marbella, Spain.

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