Alla inlägg den 23 december 2010

Av Tina Karlsson - 23 december 2010 18:36

Today I started my holiday vacation so first I went down town to bye some Christmas Gifts. At 13.30 I went to the stable. Today Dinio had spent about 4 hours in the paddock and he had nearly finished his luncheon when I arrived. Started to clean out his box and laid in a lot of straw. Dinio enjoyed it very much, laid down and rolled over several times. Then I gave him a good brush, a little massage and then we went to the indoor arena. I think he has started to gain some weight now and the increased amount of Fibergi is starting to kick in. Today we had a lovely session, still working on easy stuff but managed anyway to get some real quality steps in the trot. Dinio felt very happy and really enjoyed the session. Have I got the best horse ever? Yeaaah, I have!!

Tomorrow it is Christmas Eve. And its going to be a little bit warmer outside. Lovely!!

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