Alla inlägg den 27 december 2010

Av Tina Karlsson - 27 december 2010 10:00

Yes, now he is installed in the big stable among all the other horses. When I arrived today I met a very content Dinio. He looked very happy indeed. And so was I. It is warmer here so now I can remove the fleece rug he wares under the other stable rug. Today my sister and my niece joined me and they really liked Dinio. They helped me to clean out the "old" stable and then my niece gave Dinio a good brush. Then we went to the indoor arena and I gave Dinio an easy session. He felt a little irregular in the trot but I think it's due to the missing shoe. The ferrier will come tomorrow and take care of that.

I am very happy that Dinio have joined the other horses and that he don't need to stay all alone anymore.

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