Alla inlägg den 28 december 2010

Av Tina Karlsson - 28 december 2010 19:41

Today my ferrier arrived and attached the lost shoe. During his visit we stood really near another horse. Dinio didn't move a muscle. I am really proud of him. Thereafter I cleaned out his box and learned about the special facility for removing the menure from the stable. Very easy to use and it will spare the use of my back.

I brushed him and gave him a little massage. Then we went to the indoor arena and started our session. Today he felt very nice and easy going. The work in trot was really nice, shoulder in along the long sides was no problem at all. We caught the correct canter right a'way and I could also work him a little in the canter, changing from collected canter and extended canter. Do I have a forthcoming superstar? Yes, I do. Back in the stable I installed him in his box and gave him another brush. And some cuddeling, of course. When I was putting back all my stuff in the cupboard, the owner of the mare, standing in the box in front of Dinio, came. She asked me if she could place her mare on the stable path just outside Dinios box. Try, I said. It worked perfectly. Dinio looked a little bit and then he decided that the straw was better for him. All of the present people in the stable looked and then came the question - "Are you sure he is a stallion? Oh yes, be sure of that, I answered. Dinio shines now in his fur, I can see that he is calm and content, his eyes are very calm and happy, he greats me when I arrive and calls for me when I am fetching his stuff in the cupboard. I am really the lucky one for having the opportunity to own such a lovely horse.

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