Alla inlägg den 2 januari 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 2 januari 2011 17:25

I arrived at 10.30 today and started to clean out his box. Dinio torned a little bit disappointed when I didn't take him in directly. But I needed to check his box thoroughly wether he had peed or not. But there was a lot of pee so when I finished cleaning I took his water bucket and installed it too. Then I fetched him from the paddock and he got his luncheon. I took a coffee and chatted a bit with my stable friends.The weather was really nice today, only -5 degrees and no wind so I decided that we should skip the indoor arena today and instead take a walk in the forrest. Ann accompanied me and we sat up and left the stable. Dinio looked and looked and looked, there was so much to take in. We walked on a forrest road, no traffic and no skiers. Nice! Deep forrest around us and of course - a lot of snow. Ann and I chatted about our horses, the present and of the future. Ann has a brown gelding, very good looking, and seams to be a very nice horse. She rides dressage and are about my age. We passed a feeding place for the wild animals, they are having a tuff time now with all the deep snow, so the owner of the farm is feeding them. I thought that Dinio might be a little bit afraid if he should smell them but he didn't react at all. This was the first time for Dinio to come out in the forrest. He behaved excellently and he really enjoyed it. This was really good for him.

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