Alla inlägg den 3 januari 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 3 januari 2011 20:09

My first working day after the vacation. Ended work at 16.00 and left for the stable.

Dinio greated me and we cuddled for a while. He looked very alert today. I cleaned out his box and to my surprice he had peed a lot. So the water bucket gave some result. Lovely. Took his temperature, 37.8 Good. Brushed him and discovered some small bruces. Could it be the boots? One was a little bit infected so I have to attend them after our session. No boots today. Went to the indoor arena and Ubbe (a P.R.E-horse rider and trainer) were there, helding a clinic. We started our own session and after a while he said "What a lovely spanish boy you have"! Yes - I answered, isn't he. We continued and after our canter session he (Ubbe) said "What a lovely canter he has. It is very seldom you see such good canter in the breed". Yes - I answered. His canter is excellent. In addition Dinio was very forward today so I took the opportunity to train on half halts, transitions and catching the correct canter. Everything worked today and he felt just lovely. Didn't dare to work him to long so we finished our session after about 45 minutes. Went back to the stable and attended his bruces. Hope this will do, I thought. Dinner was served and Dinio enjoyed everything of it. Since he gets 6 kg of hay in the evening I think he will have to eat for about 3 hours, at least. Sleep well my lovely Spanish boy. I'll see you tomorrow afternoon.

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