Alla inlägg den 4 januari 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 4 januari 2011 21:15

Today I bought a sheep fur to put under the saddle. Very high price but necessary cause my saddle might be a little bit wide. I have also sceduled a saddle test to find out if I shall keep my Amerigo or change to another saddle.

Dinio is doing better and better. At our session today he felt very forward in the trot and the canter. We worked on transitions and half halts which worked very well. The walk pirouttes didn't work so well today. But then again, there were 3 other horses in the arena tonight. So I think this is his problem. He gets a little disturbed. He never does anything ugly but I can feel that he looses the forwardness in the walk from time to time. But we will come around this.

After about 45 minutes I returned to the stable and took care of his bruces. They looked a little bit better today so I decided to stick with the treatment I have choosen for them. Another thing that is bothering me is a hoof crack he has on the outside of his right front hoof. My ferrier discovered it when he visited me the first time. I am checking it on a daily basis and also treat his hoofs with a special ointment. I left a very happy Dinio, feeding on his evening meal.

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