Alla inlägg den 5 januari 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 5 januari 2011 20:05

Today I decided that both Dinio and I needed a resting day. Left work at 12.00 and arrived at the stable at 14.30 Dinio greated me and I started to clean out his box, filled up the water bucket and prepared his evening and morning food. Then I gave him a thorough brush, a really long massage and checked on his small bruces. They really looked better today so I decided to let them be. Then we stretched a little. Dinio is accepting the stretching of the front legs now. He thought it was very scary before. I also treated his hoofs with a special hoof cream, good for hoofs with cracks. I reinstalled him in his box and then we cuddled for a while. There are two things Dinio like to do. 1 - carry my gloves. When he carries them he doesn't chew on them, just holds them and seems to be so proud of doing it. 2 - make me blow air in his nostrils. When doing so he shuts his eyes and stands totally still.

Dinio - you are a real gentleman. Rest and sleep well - tomorrow awaits another session.

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