Alla inlägg den 10 januari 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 10 januari 2011 22:00

No riding today. It was too windy and you could hardly stand in an upright position in the wind. So instead I gave Dinio a careing day. A good brush, massage, attended his small bruces which now are beginning to heal and treated his hoofs with the special hoof cream. Noticed that his frogs in the hoofs looked really bad so on my way home I called my ferrier. He recommended me to treat them with pure tar. I will start with this tomorrow night. Due to the mild weather and that Dinio isn't used to spend so much time outside in the snow are probably the main causes for this. On Wednesday the vet comes and Dinio will get his second bot vacc and probably a dental tratment as well. I left Dinio feeding on his evening meal. He looked very pleased indeed.

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