Alla inlägg den 16 januari 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 16 januari 2011 16:29

Today Dinio just felt lovely. Forward, a lot of energy and very attentive. So after our warm up I decided to work a little more with the half passes. Began with trot and worked with the half passes on each long side of the arena. Worked perfectly - felt very easy. So I tried it in canter as well. No problem at all. He even started to canter directly when I asked him to do so. My wonderful Dinio! Also worked a little on the walk pirouettes which now starts to work really nice. Then I tried to canter some more but now I got problem with catching the canter. I think he gets a bit unsure of what I really want him to do. But I didn't give in and finally he started to canter. So this is one thing I have to take with Ubbe the next time he is here.

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