Alla inlägg den 23 januari 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 23 januari 2011 18:37

Friday became a resting day for Dinio. Both my mother and I went together to the stable and Dinio got a good massage and a lot of attention. Carrots of course and a lot of cuddeling. On Saturday I started with bying more Fibergi Base. I talked to the feeding specialist about my problems to increase the weight on him and their recommendation was to increase the Fibergi. So from today I increased it with 0.5 kg = 2 kg per day. He should stay on this for about 14 days and then I should increase it with 0.5 kg until I reached the recommended amount of 3 kg per day.

After he had fed his luncheon we went to the indoor arena. He felt lovely. Alert and very forward. Everything worked perfectly. Today he immediately started to canter when I asked him to, but unfortunately he started to loose a front shoe, so I had to stop. We went back to the stable and I managed to attached the shoe. Have to call my ferrier on Monday.

On Sunday, before I went to the stable, I decided to buy new boots. Did so and went to the stable. Dinio greated me loudly when I arrived. "The sun is shining and it's wonderful outside today" I thougt he said. He didn't look sad when I went to the stable and left him in his paddock. Wanted to clean out his box first.

Fetched him and he got his luncheon. Sat down and drank coffee with my friends in the stable, we chatted for about one our. It was really lovely weather outside today and I was very sorry that I couldn't ride him in the forrest today. Not so good when a shoe is loose. So with the new boots on (fitted perfectly) I went to the indoor arena. Today there wore 4 other horses there and he still feels a little puzzled. But soon there where fewer horses and we started our session. Our goal for today was to catch the canter directly when I asked him to. Both from the trot and the walk. After our warm up I started with the canter work. Didn't work so well today. So I decided that today it is going to work. Sat off and took of the riding rug. Mounted and told him to listen to me and no discussions! AND IT WORKED!! With small aids he started to canter directly when I asked him to. Then I suddenly understood - he is TESTING ME! Dinio - you are a little fox, but I love you anyway. Well I must say that it is nice to know that he dares to test me, I mean it is very healthy and it takes time to know each other, he need to learn about me and I have to learn about him. Very happy I went back to the stable, checked the loose shoe and of course, a lot of cuddeling.

Tomorrow morning I have to call my ferrier and on Tuesday Dinio and I will take our first lesson for a trainer.

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