Alla inlägg den 25 januari 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 25 januari 2011 20:18

   Mondays are tough days. Very tired I arrived to the stable in the evening. Cuddled with Dinio, brushed him and went to the indoor arena. This evening I think that Dinio was tired too. The trot work was OK but cathing the canter was almost impossible. He missunderstod me and got tensed. Anyway, we succeeded at last. So I ended our session with a long walk. He lost a front shoe as well so tomorrow I have to get in touch with my ferrier. I wonder how it will go tomorrow when we shall ride for a trainer for the first time? On my way home I decided not to worry about this, both Dinio and I had a bad day and this is how some days are.

Tuesday evening (today) I arrived and got the message that the trainer was sick so the sessions where canceled. My darling father had bought carrots so I gave a lot of them to Dinio. He really loves carrots. Sliced a few of them and added them to his evening and morning meals. Then I cleaned out his box and gave him a good brush, examined him very carefully and gave him a bit massage. One of my stable friends stopped and said "Now he is really starting to look good". "He has started to gain weight and his back looks much better now". That was really lovely to hear because I am a little worried about his weight and have expected that he should gain weight much quicker. Due to our bad session yesterday I decided that Dinio should rest this evening. It is very tiering to work in the arena every night during Monday to Friday. But soon it will get better when the daylight will increase and we will be able to ride out more, even on evenings. Then I can really start to make a good plan for him. I have to get him in a really good shape because in March we are going to start to train for Kristian von Krusenstierna.

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