Alla inlägg den 28 januari 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 28 januari 2011 20:45

Today I bought a new Probimin cure for Dinio. Hope this will do. He seemed to be very healthy today, happy and alert. My darling mother joined me and we shared all our must's and then went to the indoor arena. Today we were completely alone so I started to warm him up. Hel felt lovely. Then I asked my mother if she wanted to try and ride him. Oh yes - she said. She mounted and started to ride. It went very well indeed. She managed him excellently and even cantered. She said that he was the most wonderful horse she had ever been riding. Then I rode him a bit more and at the end I tried to collect the canter. It worked perfectly and he also wanted to do a canter piroutte, but no no, it is to early. He need to gain some more strenght. My darling Dinio - you are the best!

Tomorrow we will take a ride in the nature and perhaps also on Sunday. It depends on the weather, but it is going to be 0 degrees so it looks promising.

Av Tina Karlsson - 28 januari 2011 08:21

Late on Wednesday evening my ferrier arrived to put on the shoe he lost 2 days ago. I arrived at 4 o'clock so I had already brushed him and cleaned out his box. His hoofs are looking really good and my ferrier will come again on Tuesday next week for the regular "shoing". Due to the late arrival of my ferrier Dinio got an extra free resting day.

Thursday evening: I arrived at 17.15 and started to clean out his box and gave him a good brush. Put on his leg protections and boots. Then, suddenly, he laid down. After a few minutes he standed up again and I understood that there was something wrong with his stomach. But there where nice noices from the stomach so I decided to fetch the saddle and to give him a ride at the indoor arena. When I returned with the saddle he had laid down again. He stood up after one minute and pooped. Hmmm. Took him to the indoor arena and there he tried to lay down again. Took of the saddle and put on a rug and started to walk. After about 15 minutes he started to act normally again so I saddled him up and started to trot. After a few minutes he started to let a lot of gases go. I kept on riding for about 50 minutes and he felt normal and alert. We returned to the stable and he started to feed on his evening hay. I removed half of it and observed him for about 2 hours. He was OK. I gave him the rest of his hay but he didn't get any Fibergi this evening. A few of my stable friends was going to stay a few hours longer than me so they promised to check on him and call me if anything was suspicious.

Decreased his morning Fibergi to a few deciliters. He looked happy and content when I left him. My darling Dinio - you must stay healthy! Decided that I will send in his poop for testing for worms and to buy Probimin tomorrow.

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