Alla inlägg den 29 januari 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 29 januari 2011 21:00

Very disappointed today. The sun is shining, + 2 degrees and I didn't dare to ride him in the forrest, due to very heavy wind. I really hope it will be better tomorrow. We really need to get out. So we had to ride in the arena. At the beginning he felt lovely but today we had difficulties with catching the right canter. I really doesn't understand why it is like this, some days there are no problems at all, some days it's hard to catch the left canter and some other days we are having problems with catching the right canter. I have also noted that some days he doesn't want to lift up his left or right front leg, It is shifting from side to side. I have to check this, it must depend on something. On Tuesday, when my ferrier is attending his hoofs, I will ask him to check them thouroghly. If he doesn't find anything I'm going to consult a vet. After our ride I gave him a massage and also checked him thouroghly, I couldn't find anything wrong, no warmth or pulse anywhere.

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