Alla inlägg den 2 februari 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 2 februari 2011 22:00

Arrived 17.15 and immediately checked his hoofs and legs. A little little warm in his front hoofs but otherwise everything was OK. Decided to give him an easy session and went to the indoor arena. He felt alert and happy. Started to walk for about 15 minutes and then began to trot. I was very excited to found out wether he would hit his front shoes or not. He didn't!!! I could work him in a long low form and I felt that he had waited for this. He felt lovely. Worked with transitions, walk pirouttes and collected and extended walk. A little trouble with the walk pirouttes to the right but otherwise everything was excellent.

I also got the test results from the laboratory today. Dinio hasn't got any worms at all. No eggs found in the test. Tomorrow I have to buy more Fibergii and perhaps I will buy lucern as well.   

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