Alla inlägg den 3 februari 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 3 februari 2011 22:00

Today Dinio was very alert. Noticed that directly when I came to the stable. After the daily brush we went to the indoor arena. At the beginning of our session today he felt a little off, but then again there where several horses in the arena and an ongoing session. It was difficult to ride on long lines. But soon there where fewer horses and I started to really ride him. Suddenly he "woke up" and laid in "a new gear". Wow I thought, where did this come from. EVERYTHING worked today. I have never felt this before with Dinio. Suddenly there where so much energy, power and still so much abedience towards me.  I'm just saying - WOW!! What a feeling!!

Today I also introduced lucern in his diet. Starting with 3 dl per day and I will increase it up to 0,5 kg per day. Hoping he will gain more weight with this complement.

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