Alla inlägg den 4 februari 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 4 februari 2011 20:45

Yes - lovely Dinio has started to gain more weight. My darling mother joined me today and she notices such things when she doesn't see him everyday, as I do.Very happy we went to the indoor arena and today we was completely alone. So I asked my mother if she wanted to ride for a while. Oh yes - she answered and mounted. I am very proud of her, 76 years old and still an excellent rider. She walked, trotted and cantered. Then I rode him for about 20 minutes, a little collection in trot, shoulder in and half passes in trot. Dinio was excellent in his trot today.

After our session we washed off the yellow spottes that appears after every night. Took some soap and the yellow spottes were history, at least for today. Dinio got his lucern with some oil and some carrots. Yammie!

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