Alla inlägg den 5 februari 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 5 februari 2011 20:01

Finally, Anita and Bim from Djursholms Ridingschool would come and visit us. They wanted of course to see him during a session so we had agreed on that they should arrive around 13.30 I arrive at 10.30 and started to clean out his box and then I fetched Dinio in his paddock. He did the passage during our walk from the paddock to the stable. He is so happy now and it pleases me to see that he is coming alive and starting to show feelings. Well inside I served him his luncheon and then I prepared all his feeding buckets, morning, evening and lunch. I also prepared his lucern which I will give him after our session. Then it was time for a coffee brake with my stable friends. Saturdays are lovely! About 12.30 I started to brush him and prepare him for our session. I also arranged his mane today. I wanted him to look good for Anita and Bim. I aslo washed off some new yellow spottes. At 13.15 we went to the indoor arena. I must say that Dinio had prefered to take a walk in the forrest today instead. He hesitated a lot before he agreed on entering the arena. Yes, I know Dinio, but tomorrow you will come to the forrest, I promise. I won't describe everything but he was completely lovely today, a lot of energy, power and abedience. It was also nice for me to show Anita and Bim how lovely he is to ride. And they loved him. They took some photos and will send them to me. We took a coffee and sat down and chatted for a while. It was so nice of them to come and visit me and Dinio and I was very happy to see them again.

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