Alla inlägg den 16 februari 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 16 februari 2011 15:15

Monday minus 29 degrees in the morning but during the evening the temperature was - 16 degrees. I gave him an easy ride in due to the chilly weather. On Tuesday I attended a clicic for Martin. We trained on long low form, the bending, shoulder in, catching the canter and walk pirouettes. Everything worked well and I have to increase the work with bending and low form. When we have returned to the stable Dinio got a colic attack. Came very suddenly and I was really surpriced. How could this happen? I talked to the vet and after a 10 minutes walk he peed and suddenly he was much better. Stayed until 22.00 and he was just feeling fine. Very strange indeed. Does he have problems with the peeing?. Anyway - returned at 03.00 in the middle of the night to check on him and he was just fine. Returned home for a few hours of sleep.

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