Alla inlägg den 28 februari 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 28 februari 2011 08:15

Wednesday 16th: Dinio is OK, rode him for about 50 minutes, felt a little bit tired, but understandable due to a colic attack yesterday evening.

Thursday 17th: Vet day - Dinio got his third bot vacc and we discussed his earlier colic attacks.

Friday 18th: A really nice session, a lot of energy and a very happy Dinio.

Saturday 19th: A minor colic attack - several calls to the vet - adding flee seed and linseed to his feeding. Must check how much he is drinking.

Sunday 20th: Dinio OK - went to Sjöberg to check a new stable. Rode him in the forrest today.

Monday 21st: Sick today so I just rode him out in the nature. Dinio happy and alert. Another call to the vet.

Tuesday 22nd: A ride in the nature.

Wednesday 23rd: Resting day for Dinio.

Thursday 24th: A lovely session, everything worked. Wow. Dinio is drinking about 35 liters of water every 24 hour - as long as we serve him warm water.

Friday 25th: Our last day at Stångberga. Tomorrow we are moving to a new stable very near where I am living. A nice session today - felt just as nice as yesterday.

Saturday 26th: Moved to a new stable. Everthing went well. My darling Dinio - you are the best!!

Sunday 27th: Dinio entered his new paddock and checked out his new surroundings. He spent 4 hours in his new paddock. Rode him in the afternoon for just 30 minutes cause he felt a little tired.

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