Alla inlägg den 6 mars 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 6 mars 2011 19:57

Thursday evening an easy session and Friday a resting day. Saturday another easy session. Dinio enjoys his 4 hour paddock time and especially now when it is +4 degrees celcius and a lot of sunshine. During Saturday and Sunday my darling mother practiced on bringing him in from the paddock. Since I only want him to spend about 4 hours there she has to help me with this. Dinio behaved perfectly. I am gooing to work from home three days per week so during those days I will bring him in myself. Today (Sunday) we also took some photos of darling Dinio. It is from the stable when he is feeding on his luncheon. Isn't he a beauty? He has really gained a lot of weight and he is starting to build muscles, his back is much better now and also his neck. I'm also adding a photo from the old stable from February this year.           

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