Alla inlägg den 7 mars 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 7 mars 2011 21:45

Started with a thourough brush and some stretching of the back and the hindlegs. He really enjoys the stretching now and chews a lot when I am treating him. This afternoon he hadn't finished his afternoon meal and I was of course a little concerned. Why haven't you finished your afternoon hay? Checked the sounds from his stomach, the were OK, no fever (37.9) and he looked very content and happy. Hmmmm, strange. Prepared him for our evening ride and he just felt lovely. Very soft and attentive, concentrated and alert. I wish every ride could be like this one. Finished with a long walk and returned to the stable. Smelled on his left over hay - nothing was wrong with it. Removed it and served him some new. Yummie - he said. I stayed for a while, just to check on him. But everything seamed to be OK so I left him around 21.00 hrs.

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