Alla inlägg den 8 mars 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 8 mars 2011 19:10

Around 11.00 hrs I arrive to the stable. Dinio greated me loudly from his paddock. Told him that I had to clean out his box first. First of all I noticed that he had hage over from the morning, the second thing I noticed what that he hadn't poped much during the night. Very worried I fetched him from his paddock. He looked OK. I served him his luncheon and he didn't touch it. Had some hay over from Stångberga - served it and he ate. The stomach sounds were OK and he seamed to be OK. Made some lucern and betfor with warm water and served it. He ate. Picked up my phone and called a farmer whom I have been buing hay from during my years with my own stable. "Of course - just come and get the hay you want. I have plenty". So I drove up to Vallentuna and picked up two pieces of hay. Drove back and served him 2 kg. He ate!!. Then I drove home for some hours of work. Returned later on and took him out for a ride around Täljö. A 45 minutes walk and trot session - he loved every minute of it. I gave him his afternoon hay - and he ate. But he hadn't touched his water and only poped once since 13.00 hrs. Called the vet for some advice. We should stay in touch during the evening. At 17.45 he poped and he had aslo drunk about 5 liters of water. I will return to the stable around 20.00 hrs - take him out for a walk. I really hope this was something temporary and that he will eat and drink well tonight.

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