Alla inlägg den 16 mars 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 16 mars 2011 09:26

Friday 11th a resting day. Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th outdoor riding. The spring is here now with a lot of sunshine. Dinio is enjoying our trips around Täljö. Much to look at, of course, but he is behaveing perfectly. Monday 14th a resting day and Tuesday 15th outdoor riding again. A little climbing and necessary work on the walk. He is extending his strides more and more and the back is beginning to swing. Lovely Dinio. Wednesday 16th my chiropractor came to look at Dinio. She found some small things to treat, but in overall he was in good condition. He needs to build more muscles of course but they are coming more and more. Must continue to massage his left shoulder, give him work that helps him to come in touch with his stomach muscles and build more back muscles. Shall stretch his back every day after riding. I have had some problems with halp pass to the right and the problem was right front leg. Not the left hind leg as I thought. Well, good to know and now it's only for me to continue with the work to make him stronger.

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