Alla inlägg den 19 mars 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 19 mars 2011 17:23

   Yes, that's what it is. How in the world could I have been so lucky? Every day with this horse is a blessing. After three months in Sweden and spending plenty of time together with him every day I now really can say that I am starting to know him. He is a smashing kind horse, there are now evil spirits lurking anywhere. He is bomb proof and always does his best. Since we moved to the new stable I have been riding a lot in the nature and you never know what you might meet. Dinio trusts me completely and always listens to me when something scary appears. Although he is a stallion I feel completely secure. He really enjoys our long walks and as soon our outdoor arena is ice free we will start our training again.

Now the spring is here, finally, and Dinio spends around 5 hours per day in his paddock. From today he also eats his luncheon there. "Nice with hay but I think I rather would like to eat it in the stable" - he said to me today. He really wants to have strictly routins and when you change something he tells you directly.

In the stable we have one mare and she is in season now, but Dinio doesn't bother at all.

Dinio is healthy - he feeds well, drinks well and shines like a pearl. The little winter coat he got after his arrival is now gone. He communicates more and more, not only with his voice but also with his eyes, ears, neck and lips.

Today we have had a sunny day with +5 degrees, tomorrow will be the same, perhaps a little warmer. If the weather continues like this our dressage training will start again within one week.

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