Alla inlägg den 20 mars 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 20 mars 2011 17:27

Today we have had lovely weather - sunshine and +8 degrees. Took the opportunity to take some new photos of my darling Dinio. Today Dinio was very alert and looked really forward to our daily ride around Täljö. I think he has missed the sun - he is really happy when the sun shines. Anyway - off we went and after a while a jogging person came up behind us. He had ice picks on his feet and the noice they made turned Dinio a little bit nervous. After that incident Dinio thought everything was a bit scary, but just for a while. We always ride on a road that is a bit up hill and Dinio really have to take power from behind to climb it. It is a long up hill. Today he took this up hill in 10 canter strides at the same time as he squicked and jumped like a young horse. I just laughed. When we had reached the top he started to grunt, very pleased with him self. He also managed to do the passage today, just by pure joy and happiness. My darling Dinio - you are really the best!

Enjoy the daily photos!



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