Alla inlägg den 29 mars 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 29 mars 2011 12:53

Both Dinio and I awaits the spring. It has already started it's approach but the really warm weather is still not here. But at the end of this week.... Yes, we will see. Meanwhile Dinio and I walk and trot around the Täljö area. He really enjoys it and there is so much to look at. Many people stop and ask about him, thinking he is so beautyful. Dinio is growing a little in size when we stop and talk. Really proud of himself. The days goes by and right now they are filled with routin. But during this weekend we are going to Skånsta Indoor arena for some training and on Monday night we will attend a clinic for Frida at Stava Indoor arena. And probably our outdoor arena will be ice free at the end of this week so we can really start to train again. Looking forward to that!

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