Alla inlägg den 17 april 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 17 april 2011 09:26

Monday a resting day, Tuesday a nice dressage session where everything worked, Wednesday a terrible dressage session with a lot of missunderstandings between Dinio and I, mostly the transitions between the walk and trot and also the walk and canter. Very frustrated I finished our session with a short ride in the nature. Hmm.

Thursday evening another dressage session where the transitions started to work again. Very pleased with this and took him for a long walk in the Täljö area.

Friday resting day. Saturday my mother joined me and we started our stable time with cleaning of the trailer. After we had finished, the trailer looked as good as new. Then we took Dinio for a long walk in the Täljö area. My mother rode and I walked along. The sun was shining and the temperature about 17 degrees. NICE! Dinio enjoyed every step. When we returned it was time for Dinio's first bath since he arrived from Spain. First he was a bit tenced but after i while he really enjoyed it. Now he is clean and sparkling white in his pearl coloured coat. Tomorrow (Sunday) a new dressage session and next week on Thursday we are going to Kristian!!

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