Alla inlägg den 22 april 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 22 april 2011 18:18

Yes, both Dinio and I was tired today after yesterday's training and transportation. So today Dinio got the opportunity to stay for 8 hours in his lovely paddock. At 14.30 I brought him in and served him his beloved FiberGi and about 1 kg of hay. When he had finished feeding I gave him a thorough brush and exam and also a good long massage. Checked his hoofs and greesed them with tar and grees. Then I gave him a lot of carrots and told him the he is the best horse ever. Tomorrow we will take a nice ride in the forrest and since the weather is so nice now he will also stay in his paddock for some further hours than he is used to. Adding two pictures of Dinio taken yesterday, just before the clinic.


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