Alla inlägg den 7 maj 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 7 maj 2011 22:00

Lovely weather today indeed. When I arrived to the stable Dinio greated me (as usual) and came towards me in a fantastic trot. Yes, he really enjoys his paddock. Brought him in and prepared him for our ride. The plan for today was a dressage session where catching the canter from the walk was on the top of the list. Also the transitions from the walk to the trot was on it. Today this will work! And I must say - things are developing and starting to fall in place. Today I was very firm towards him and followed thorugh with my intentions - and our problems where gone. Fantastic Dinio!! Suddenly the transitions worked and he made some really good ones too.

Happy - Happy!! Dinio got a lot of candy and after our ride a good shower and more candy - of course. I left a very content Dinio - feeding on his afternoon meal.

Tomorrow we will take a long slow ride in the forrest. Dinio really loves outdoor riding and the forrest in particulary.

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