Alla inlägg den 9 maj 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 9 maj 2011 18:45

Today it was time for the scheduled ferrier day. This time Dinio would get special shoes on his front hoofs which will relieve the pressure of the rear part. My darling mother joined the ferrier at 14.00 and I arrived to the stable about 15.30 Very interesting to hear how his hoofs have developed and if there is something I have to consider in the training. I could ride as usual and should continue to put ointment on his hoofs and tar in his back hoofs. He now have heart bar shoes in front and they will help the hoofs to grow in a correct way. We scheduled a new ferrier day to the 16th of June. We will now do his hoofs every 5th week cause the are growing so quickly. I am so happy to have a very skilled ferrier, one of the best in Sweden, as I see it.

Later this week we will have a third saddle test and in the beginning of next week I will contact Kristiian again and schedule our second training, which probably will be at the end of May.

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