Alla inlägg den 18 maj 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 18 maj 2011 20:15

Today it was time for our sceduled saddle test. Maria joined us and she started with a muscle exam. "He has developed a lot in is back muscles" she said. She was very pleased with his development. And then it was time for the saddle test. I started to ride in the saddle I have on loan. After a while Maria stopped me and asked me to try another saddle. Rode in this one and we decided to order that model. My new saddle will arrive in 6 weeks from now and we decided to have a new "session" in about four weeks from now. Until then - I will continue to ride him in the saddle I have on loan. He worked very well today and recieved a nice shower. On Friday the vet will arrive to check on his coughing. Unfortunately Dinio has also reacted very strongly on the Swedish mosquitos so they have to look at that as well. Today I also bought a special hole body rug that will prevent the mosquitos to bite him. Poor darling Dinio. I will take a picture of him when he is wareing this outfit. But it is really making his life easier.

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