Alla inlägg den 25 maj 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 25 maj 2011 14:36

Poor Dinio, on Thursday night, just before I should leave the stable, Dinio suddenly got a gas cholic. After two walks with him and the cholic didn't gave in, I decided to call the emergency vet. After 10 minutes she arrived and did all the exams and gave him treatment. It really was a gas cholic and it was gone after about one hour. We discussed the cause and after having examined his food, the vet suggested that he must have been eating something unpleasent in the paddock, during the day. She also checked out his reaction towards the Swedish mosquitos and he has developed an allergic reaction. She gave me a recepy for a cortison liniment. The caughing was probably due to very dry weather (for a long time) and I got a recepy for that as well.

So, from tomorrow I will reduce his time in the paddock from 7-8 hours down to 4-5 hours.

Friday - worked from home to have the possibility to check on him and due to many checks during the night towards Friday. In the afternoon I took a long slow ride in the nature. Dinio felt a little tired but of course understandable due to very little sleep during the night.

Saturday - dressage session - felt just lovely.

Sunday - dressage session - very much canter work - felt lovely

Monday - long slow walk in the nature - Dinio very happy!

Tuesday - dressage session where we worked on transitions between the walk and the trot - worked super!!

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