Alla inlägg den 1 juni 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 1 juni 2011 18:59

Due to a sick horse in the stable I have resceduled my training for Kristian from tomorrow til Monday. Hope nothing further happens to Ia or that any other horse get sick. Ia has had fever since last Saturday and the blood test didn't give any answer. Anyway - gave Dinio a good work throw today - he felt just super. Started in a long low form and the transistions where grate. Now and then I manage to get the spanish walk instead of a transition in to the trot. Today was such a day. It appears when he or I are tensed so it is just to take a long deep breath and then start all over again. At the end of our session today I decided to pick him up a bit in the form. My darling mother took som pictures - adding them here. As you can see he has gained a lot in weight and in muscles.

After the session Dinio got a good shower with a lot of schampoo and then - green grass feeding in the sunshine. But just for 15 minutes. Dinio enjoyed every minute and didn't want to follow me in to the stable when the 15 minutes where up. After a bit of discussion he decided to follow me and I installed him in his box where he got his afternoon meal served. Left a very content Dinio.

Tomorrow we will take a long slow ride in the forrest.


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