Alla inlägg den 17 juni 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 17 juni 2011 10:35

Since our last session with Kristian I have been giving Dinio some various work. We have been riding in the forrest and worked at the outdoor arena. Some days he is feeling just super and some other days less super. But it is quit normal. You can't be on top every day. During our forrest walks Dinio enjoys the Swedish green grass. He graces more calmly when I am sitting on him. So I let him grace for about 15 minutes every time. He just love it!!

Our work is still focusing on transitions. I have also worked on the trot and the canter which shall be ridden in a specific tempo fo now - all according to Kristians instructions. Dinio is doing very well.

Yesterday was a ferrier day. Dinio got new shoes on his front hoofs which now are starting to develop in a correct way. Thank god that I have a very skilled ferrier.

Today I will give Dinio a short and easy session and during this weekend we are going to explore a new area of the forrest. It is nice to have different ways to choose - both for Dinio and for me. Adding a photo where Dinio enjoys the grass.


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