Alla inlägg den 2 juli 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 2 juli 2011 22:00

My vacation is lovely, the summer this year is warm, yesterday and the previous days during this week we have had 30 degrees. Dinio is used to this but not me. Due to the warm weather I have been riding during the evenings when it is a bit cooler, around 25 degrees. Today my goal was the walk pirouettes. Started of with the normal warm up, Dinio felt lovely. He really felt energetic and willing. I started the exersice with walking on a straight line, Dinio in a long low form with long strides. Very carefully I collected him, still on the straight line, and then road him forward again, alowing him to take longer strides and return to the long low form. This I repeated several times. When I was sure that we understood each other perfectly I shaped him around my inner leg, when he was collected, and started the turn. After the turn I kept him collected for a few steps, while I was straighten him, and finished each turn with riding him forward with long strides and a long low form.  When having problems with the turn I just stayed in the turn, until he found out where he should be, and when he was there, I finished the turn and road him forward againg. I really got some high quality pirouettes today, and the best part of all, he did'nt try to solve the problem anytime by turning into the spanish walk! Yes - today I really must say that we achieved in moving a limit. We finished our work with grazing grass for about 25 minutes. Dinio very happy for that and wanted to continue the grazing but 25 minutes is quit enough for now - have to be careful with him. Adding a photo of Dinio in one of his happy moments, walking in the forrest with my darling mother, grazing grass.


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