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August 4th and the following day's

Av Tina Karlsson - 8 augusti 2011 15:29

Since the stable owner Tina was away for a short vacation I served the horses the morningmeal and the afternoon meal. Sadly Dinio got his 6th colic attack the 4th of August, just 9 days after his 5th one. Had to take out the emergency vet though the attack was long living and severe. After 2,5 hour the vet showed up but the attack was by then over. Anyaway - she did an exam and treated him. The night towards Friday I didn't got much sleep, went to the stable several times. But Dinio was fine.

Friday morning I sceduled a major exam at Ulltuna, the University hospital for animals, got the appointment to Tuesday at 10.00 hours.

Rode Dinio twice during Friday, he was not himself this day, very off and looked sad in his eyes. Saturday he felt just a little bit more "here" but not quite himself. I aslo discovered a swelling where the vet had put in the neadle. Poor Dinio.

Sunday - Dinio really himself today. Happy, joyful, hungry. Also the poop looked very good and plenty of it. The swelling was much bigger today so I called the emergency vet and she explained that it was a blood vessel that has got inflammated and I have to treat it (with Finadyne). Called Ulltuna to check if it was OK to treat - yes it was!!. A little bit nervous I served him this medicine in his afternoon meal. Then we took a long walk in the nature. Dinio was happy!

Today he is just fine - happy, joyful and hungry. The swelling looked better today and tonight I will give him an easy session. Tomorrow we will drive to Ulltuna - keep your fingers crossed.


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