Alla inlägg den 19 oktober 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 19 oktober 2011 19:51

Have to write this down immediately. Have just arrived at home. I am so happy. The tonight session is a session I will live on for a long time. When I arrived to the stable Dinio greated me loudly, looked very happy and alert. I prepared him for our ride and he continously tried to get my attention - he wanted to cuddle and searched for treats. We entered our outdoor arena and it rained a little. There were a lot of water but Dinio didn't bother at all. Right away I felt that he was "home", waited for me and just wanted to do a good nights work. And we started. And how well it went. The transitions just worked perfectly, also the bending, straitghtness and even the transitions to the canter, both from the walk and the trot. He really did perfect canter transistions. And during the hole time, he was soft and light in the hand and waited for me. Yes, this is the best session at home ever! Dinio - You are the best!!

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