Alla inlägg den 27 oktober 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 27 oktober 2011 10:33

Last weekend we enjoyed the forrest, Dinio and I. Quit warm weather for October, about 15 degrees C. Starting to hope for a warm winter. No snow so far and last year it started to snow in the beginning of October. His stomach is working very good and he is becoming more and more energetic. Monday evening session was terrible, Dinio was very strong and full of energy, but then of course, after two day's in the forrest with slow walks, that is quit understandable.

On Wednesday my ferrier arrived and Dinio got wintershoes with snowgrips. So now we are prepared if the snow comes. Yesterday evening session was really OK - still a strong boy with a lot of energy but after a while he relaxed and performed very well. We worked a lot on catching the canter from the walk, which is still a bit of a problem. But he is improving.

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