Alla inlägg den 26 november 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 26 november 2011 19:09

At last. I think I finally can relax. Since we started to add warm water to his water bucket in his outdoor paddock, the problems have disappeared. Dinio doesn't drink enough if the water is cooler than 30 degrees. Now I am thinking of bying a ThermoBar, but within one month Dinio will only spend about 4 hours per day in his outdoor paddock, so I will see if this investment is necessary. They are quit expensive, about 3.000 SEK.

Anyway - Dinio is very happy indeed, loves his food, which he enjoys very much, especially Lucern. I am giving him about 1,5 kg per day among with 1,5 kg Hippolyt's Structur-E, 1 kg of Mash and 10-12 kg of hay. Feels good to be able to give him the amount he needs in order to put on some more muscles on his body. It has already started to show. Adding som photos from today.

The training are continueing and Dinio is doing very well. I am so pleased and we are finding each other more and more.

The best thing Dinio knows is to take long walks around Täljö or into the forrest. Now when it's dark around 15.30 in the afternoon, we does this during the weekends, when I can ride in day light.

We are still having warm weather, which shows on the electric bill. Well, I am now friend of winter but I really hope for a white Christmas anyway.

Enjoy the todays photos!!


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