Alla inlägg den 6 december 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 6 december 2011 09:12

Today we have got this winters first snow. Just a little amount of it but nevertheless, the winter has finally arrived. Today Dinio is waring his thick winter rug with neck and I hope it won't be to warm for him. Dinio is happy and playful. The stomach is stable and it feels very nice to leave this issue behind us. Darling Dinio has become a bit too playful, especially when leaving his outdoor paddock. Full of energy and eager to enter the stable and the food that awaits him, he "dances away" and has also started to snap a bit. Just very playful, nothing mean about it but not accepatable. So a few days ago I started to "show my tougher side" towards him with good response. I think he is getting a bit bored after a few hours in the paddock, so I will try to decrease his time spent there. He has also increased in condition, gained in weight and muscles so he demands more now. Have decreased his concentrated feeding to a minimum.

The training has now started to slow down and our walks in the nature are increasing instead. Have planned to give him a few weeks of holiday in January, since he hasn't got any "free" time at all since his arrival from Spain last year. Hope he will cope with that.

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