Alla inlägg den 17 december 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 17 december 2011 18:36

A bit chilly weather and the surface on the outdoor arena gets hard. Anyway some work at the walk is possible and training on some walk movements as pirouettes, shoulder in and half passes. December 6 my ferrier arrived to take care of Dinios hoofs. Unfortunately the snow grips has made Dinios hoof soure, cause of absent of snow. Now dirt is filling his hoofs and the constant movement from the snow grips - not god at all. We decided anyway to put them backon again. The snow must be here anyday. The rest of week 49 was spent on walk work and some riding in the nature.

Week 50 - no snow yet, warm weather and a new appointment with the ferrier. Dinio has started to limp a bit if he has his front hoofs full with dirt or shavings. So the snow grips went off and a sole was put on instead. Dinio liked them very much indeed. Stopped limping immediately. This explains a bit why he has been a bit difficult to take in from the paddock. Probably he had felt his soure hoofs in the down hill, from the paddock to the stable. This week the outdoor arena has been fully functional so we have walked and trotted a lot. Today the plan was to ride in the forrest but it rained and snowed to much. So I hope the weather is better tomorrow.

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