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Av Tina Karlsson - 20 december 2011 10:52

December 11th and Dinio has been with me for 1 year. I am therefor taking the opportunity to share some of my experiences of importing a horse and the following issues that have appeared during our first year together.

Dinio came from Malaga, south of Spain, so the climate change for him was huge. Therefor thick rugs where needed. Here he is also spending several hours per day in an outdoor paddock. Huge change! 

In January Dinio got his first cholic and they became quit frequent. The first tip from Helen in Spain was to serve him warm water. And now, one year later, I still have to serve him warm water, about 40 degrees C, otherwise he doesn't drink enough. 

In March and April came the next surprice, the Swedish mosquitos, which caused a major allergic reaction. Bought a full covering mosquito rug. Poor Dinio!!

Increased hoof care also needed. New soil to walk on, different climate, different food, all this affects the horse. No grass during the first year, just some few minutes of grazing per day!!

Otherwise, everything has worked perfectly. But it takes at least one year for the horse to adapt. Anaway it did so for Dinio. Now he has finally also got a bit of winter fur, not long hair, but quit thick. He is enjoying life very much.

From now and to the end of January 2012, Dinio shall get a long resting period, only walks in the nature. I think he will enjoy that.

I am of course looking forward to 2012 and the coming competitions and the continueing training for Kristian von Krusenstierna.

Merry Christmans and A Happy New Year!!

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