Alla inlägg den 30 december 2011

Av Tina Karlsson - 30 december 2011 10:53

We had a wonderful Christmas, Dinio feasted on a lot of carrots and I celebrated the holiday together with my family. A few days of vacation made it also possible for me to get a very needed rest. The day before Christmas Dinio and I took a long ride around the Täljö area, today joined by the geldings Tott and Rulle. Dinio took the lead at once and kept it - he was very happy indeed and the two other horses had problems to keep up. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day Dinio rested and on the following Monday I gave him an easy session at the outdoor arena. We still have warm weather so the surface is just perfect. He felt just wonderful.

On Tuesday a very sad event took place - my darling cat Tracy was diagnoced with stomach cancer so I had to put her to sleep. She was the most wonderful cat ever and I miss her very much. Later on during the evening Dinio had a cholic attack but was soon over. During his attacks I am massaging him and frequently walks him. Hmmmmm. Some days everything goes wrong.

On Wednesday evening Dinio performed perfectly during our dressage session. He was with me constantly and all the issues we have had problems with where just gone.

Overall Dinio feels much stronger now and is also very elastic. It is a pure joy to ride him. When he feels like this I think nothing is impossible and my expectations for 2012 increases.

Today it is only two days left of 2011 - we will be spending them with long walks in the nature. It will be a bit colder now and I also heard that the snow will arrive.

Adding a picture of my darling Tracy and a new picture of Dinio from yesterday evening.

Happy New Year Everybody!!!


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