Alla inlägg den 27 januari 2012

Av Tina Karlsson - 27 januari 2012 11:45

This weekend 2 new horses will arrive to the stable. There names are Tindra and Silvestro and belongs to two of my friends, both dressage riders. Lizzie, owner of Tindra and Margareta, owner of Silvestro. It will be very funny and inspireing to have them around.

The weather is still quit warm for the season, only a few minus degrees and a little bit of snow. Now it is possible to ride on the outdoor arena and I varie the work between the arena and the nature. Dinio prefers our walks in the nature. A resting period is unneccesary, according to Dinio. He demands his work so I will, from now, start to increase it.

This Tuesday my ferrier attended his hoofs and everything was just fine, they are rellay looking good now.

Not so much to write about now. We are taking the days, one by one, and we are longing for the spring and the continuing training for Kristian.

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