Alla inlägg den 5 mars 2012

Av Tina Karlsson - 5 mars 2012 06:53

In the beginning of February I started our training excercises again. Our outdoor arena went rideable again due to the snow. Dinio started off very well and was very happy and eager to work again. He and I had several wow sessions and I am now confident in my believe that we will attend our first competition during this spring.

In February Dinio got his teeth overlooked again. This time by a specialized vet of teeth and unfortunately he found some problems in his mouth. I am now riding on a straight bridle and shall continue so for a while. He will come back in six months to check his teeth again.  

During our rides in the nature we are joined by Tindra and Lizzie. Dinio takes the lead and Tindra follows. He is a real gentleman, very proudly walking and showing her that he is not afraid of anything, making her completely calm and relaxed. Lizzie is of course very happy for this. Tindra is a 7 year old mare and not so experienced yet, but she is learning. 

March is, however, a different month, unfortunately our outdoor arena now has turned in to a ice track, so for now I have to ride in the nature again. Very sad for this but "what to do". Mother nature decides and you just have to adjust to it. Adding a picture from March 2011.  

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